Revolution through evolution

Fast, effective, digital – with the Hüsges AI Services app you can easily assess damage after a car accident, wherever you are, in just a few minutes. The system can access over 100 million damage data entries in a matter of seconds.

Artificial intelligence


Up to nine million cases of vehicle damage occur on Germany’s streets each year – in around five million of these cases, the damage is recorded and processed in the form of a vehicle appraisal. On average, it takes two weeks to prepare this appraisal. With the Hüsges AI Services app, vehicle owners can now appraise their own car after an accident.

Streamlined claims handling

The system is based on artificial intelligence (AI), where targeted machine learning methods are used to train neural networks. That means that the system generates knowledge from experiences and self-learning algorithms in order to recognise patterns and process the relevant data. With the Hüsges AI Services app, the damage to the vehicle can be easily scanned using a smartphone camera. The system immediately displays all the details of the damage and calculates the costs incurred. Additionally, the app user has the option to search for a garage nearby or to have the cost of the damage paid directly into their account.



The Hüsges AI Services app saves time and money. This innovation offers insurers an enormous competitive advantage. Using the app reduces the cost of appraisals by up to 90%. Instead of the usual three days, our app completes the processing in just a few minutes.