Accident appraisals

Reliable and suitable as evidence in a court of law

In the event of a car accident, the Hüsges Group is the right point of contact for preparing an accident appraisal which can be used in legal proceedings. When assessing the extent of the damage, objective expert knowledge is an absolute must to ensure that you get everything you are entitled to. We establish all the details that you need for providing evidence and settling claims. Protect yourself from unjustified claims and back up your own claims – put your trust in the professionals with over 60 years of experience.

Hüsges offers you:

  • Experienced and competent appraisers
  • Unbiased expert knowledge
  • Cutting-edge laboratory analysis methods
  • A whole range of specialised appraisals

You’re free to choose: accident appraisals from Hüsges

Don’t relinquish your right to an independent expert appraiser – you are free to choose! In the case of liability insurance claims, the claimant is essentially free to choose the appraiser. The costs of preparing the appraisal are covered by the insurance policy of the other party, assuming that the minor damage threshold (currently around 750 euro) has been reached. Don’t let anyone choose an appraiser for you and don’t hand over any evidence – you decide how the damage is assessed. With Hüsges of course.

Accident appraisals: no compromises

From traffic accidents and theft to fire and technical damage, our expert appraisers are always on hand with quick and competent advice to help you establish liability as well as the accident circumstances and the extent of the damage. Through specialised laboratory tests, we are able to identify technical faults in vehicles and damage to individual components. Depending on the type, extent and cause of the damage, we offer a broad spectrum of specialised appraisals – from simple damage reports to comprehensive laboratory analyses. In short – don’t accept any compromises – insist on Hüsges!