If you need a reliable appraisal before buying or selling a vehicle, the Hüsges Group is the competent partner for you. We draw on over 60 years of experience to perform an impartial assessment of your car that takes into account all the relevant factors, giving you the peace of mind that goes hand in hand with a certified appraisal.

Included in your appraisal:

  • Accident damage assessment
  • Technical tests
  • Equipment inspection
  • Standard car servicing
  • Tyre checks

Protection against depreciation

An important part of a vehicle appraisal is to inspect for damage from previous accidents which could cause significant depreciation. Our expert appraisers use techniques such as measuring the paint thickness and perform an in-depth examination of the car in person. We can also test whether the car has been the subject of odometer fraud, as this too has an impact on its value. Furthermore, obtaining a vehicle appraisal in plenty of time is important to ensure your vehicle is covered in the event of a theft. Get in touch with us at any time! Get in touch with us at any time!