The Hüsges story

A tradition of experts

Now in its third generation, the Hüsges Group can draw on more than 60 years of commercial success and reliable appraisal expertise. We are a family company with a long tradition and a network of over 500 appraisers at more than 170 sites around Germany. So much has happened since the very beginning in 1957 – scroll through the timeline to find out more about our milestones as a company.


Theo Hüsges works as a house expert for a large insurance company in the Rhineland. He specialises in motor vehicle damage, expert opinions and valuations and prepares approx. 300 expert opinions p.a.

Helmut Hüsges decides at the age of 23 to follow in his father’s footsteps. He gains his first experience in an independent expert office in the Rhineland and prepares approx. 400 expert opinions per year.

Due to the increased demand in the field of well-founded expert services, many insurance companies decide in favour of Ingenieurbüro Helmut Hüsges. Within the scope of its highly qualified activities, it offers the opportunity to promote proximity to new major customers. Helmut Hüsges decides to open a further office in Moers after signing key account contracts. Together they increase their order volume to approx. 1,600 p.a.

The Chamber of Crafts decides to award Mr. Helmut Hüsges the title of publicly appointed and sworn expert. With this title Helmut Hüsges underlines his highly professional and recognized performance in the past. Approx. 3,000 expert opinions per year are prepared.

Many major customers support the vision of Mr. Helmut Hüsges to also be active nationwide. With this in mind, Helmut Hüsges opens four further partner offices in the new federal states in 1989 and 1991. Through the inclusion of further automobile experts, the engineering office strengthens its supra-regional activities. The volume of expert opinions increases to approx. 5,500 per year.

A new segment is integrated into the company’s portfolio in order to offer customers “service from a single source”. This is the area of vehicle inspection in accordance with § 19. Hüsges is now in a position to offer existing customers general inspections, exhaust gas inspections and registrations. The number of expert reports increases to 6,000 p.a.

Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Hüsges takes over the engineering office on 1 August 1997. The number of expert reports increases to 7,000 per year.

Business expansion is rounded off by the inclusion of occupational safety in the company profile. The number of expert opinions increases to approx. 7,500 per year.

Mr. Arndt Hüsges joins the company. In this year 8,900 expert opinions are prepared.

The first large leasing company is secured by Mr. Bernd Hüsges. Arndt and Bernd Hüsges set up a network of nationwide experts. 10,000 expert opinions are prepared per year.

Foundation of the Hüsges Group. Establishment of a franchise network for experts. Increase in the number of expert reports to approx. 49,000 units per year.

Hüsges wins a national tender and becomes exclusive partner of BCA Autoauktionen, Europe’s largest auction house. In the case of Santander Consumer Bank, the Hüsges Group once again convinces and wins another exclusive contract. Expert reports are prepared for approx. 59,000 cases per year.

The Hüsges Group now comprises a network of 130 franchise partners at 170 locations with a workforce of over 500 experts. Together they produce 75,000 reports per year.

The goal has been reached! The Hüsges Group can count the market leader among its customers in every sector. The worldwide leading car rental company HERTZ RENT A CAR successfully rounds off the customer portfolio. The quantity of expert opinions remains constant: now at approx. 135,000 p.a.

The family-owned company is well accepted by vehicle manufacturers and receives a nationwide order. The Hüsges Group and the affiliated experts conclude a cooperation agreement with TÜV-Süd. and the Hüsges Group enter into an exclusive three-year cooperation. The experts of the Hüsges Group develop a standardized software for the experts in order to support all commercially advertised vehicles with a technical test report in the future. This results in approximately 180,000 expert opinions this year.

Hüsges produces more than 450,000 expert reports using the CarData24 software and its own manpower.

The Hüsges Group is the new exclusive service provider of Europa Service Autovermietung AG. As part of the cooperation, it takes over the nationwide evaluation of the Europa Service rental vehicles from the licensee of Europa Service. According to their own information, Europa Service Autovermietung AG is Germany’s largest licensor for medium-sized car rental companies and has over 700 rental stations nationwide. 

Consumers can order an expert opinion exclusively from the comparison portal Verivox. A sworn motor vehicle expert of the Hüsges Group then puts the car through its paces on site. This involves a deep diagnosis of the tachometer reading, with proven technology from the software company Carly – Connected Car.