Motorhome appraisals

Whether you’re buying or selling a used motorhome, you’ll be on the safe side with a Hüsges motorhome appraisal. And in the event of an accident, a motorhome appraisal gives you a good basis for an impartial and realistic estimation of the damage. Put your trust in over 60 years of experience issuing reliable appraisals that will stand up in court. Put your trust in Hüsges.

Your motorhome appraisal with Hüsges

  • Competent assessment of vehicle condition
  • Objective basis for negotiations
  • Detection of hidden defects

Value appraisal for your motorhome

Due to the specific market situation and the small production runs of individual models, preparing a value appraisal for a motorhome is much more challenging than for a used car. The fixtures also make it much more complex to assess the damage to a motorhome following an accident. Our experienced and highly skilled experts offer a reliable assessment appraisal that will stand up in court. Choose Hüsges!