Damage appraisals by the professionals

To settle any claims after an accident, the damage incurred must be competently assessed. A reliable vehicle appraisal expert from Hüsges can do this for you. Our damage appraisals contain written documentation of the damage, and also relevant pictures and photos to ensure the evidence will stand up in a court of law. Don’t risk your rights – put your trust in over 60 years of experience and get in touch with us!

Hüsges offers you:

  • Experienced and competent appraisers
  • Unbiased expert knowledge
  • A whole range of specialised appraisals

Cost estimate or damage appraisal?

For many insurance claims, the damage is assessed on the basis of a cost estimate drawn up by a garage. If the damage costs exceed the minor damage threshold (approx. 750 euros), this can be disadvantageous for you. You should insist on a damage appraisal form Hüsges. Why? If you have a damage appraisal, it’s no problem if the repair work costs more than initially projected, as the only costs that will count are those actually incurred during repairs.

Choose Hüsges!

A vehicle damage appraisal may only be issued by a certified expert who works independently and impartially without external guidance. The damage appraisal comprises a clear and verifiable assessment of the damage. In addition to calculations, it also includes a list of all items relevant to your claim. This is significantly more detailed than a mere cost estimate. In short – safeguard your rights and demand a damage appraisal from Hüsges!