Certified safety: used vehicle inspections & mileage checks


When buying a secondhand car, be sure to get a used car inspection and mileage test from Hüsges. This way, you can avoid falling victim to odometer fraud like 2 million buyers of used cars each year. In short – with our Used Car Seal you can be sure that you are purchasing a high-quality vehicle, verified by impartial and certified Hüsges appraisers.

Your used vehicle inspection with Hüsges:

Recommended for sellers too

Unknowingly committing odometer fraud can have consequences for private sellers and trade dealers – as, in Germany, both are held responsible for the accuracy of the mileage when selling a vehicle. This was decided by the Higher Regional Court of Oldenburg in a ruling on 18 May 2017. So it’s in your own interests to have your vehicle checked before sale – to arrange an inspection, just get in touch with us!

Hüsges offers you:

  • Extensive visual documentation of the car and potential damage
  • Mileage tampering check using the Carly App