Sophia Flörsch on the TV show Markus Lanz

“I remember everything about the accident. So I know that I wanted to overtake the driver in front of me who was decelerating well before the braking point, I went out at that moment and lost my two left tyres. And from then on you’re a passenger in your own car – I just waited for the wall, hit the brakes, which you normally do when you’re having an accident, and then I took off, because there are raised kerbs in the bend, and then I just went into the fence and then into the press house.”

“Since the accident wasn’t so bad for me […] I’m actually just happy to be back in the car.”

The whole interview with Sophia Flörsch on the Markus Lanz TV show can be seen here. 

We are happy to see Sophia Flörsch again and are keeping our fingers crossed that she can compete again soon. She is assured of our full support.